PT: Pridiyathorn wants to be PM

MR Pridiyathorn Devakula wants to be a royally appointed prime minister following his call for caretaker premier Yingluck Shinawatra to step down, according to the Pheu Thai Party.

Pheu Thai spokesman Prompong Nopparit said on Thursday that Mom Rajawongse (MR) Pridiyathorn's call for the government to resign from its caretaker role to pave the way for an interim government was unconstitutional and undemocratic.MR Pridiyathorn may have a political agenda because he once served as a minister in a government that had seized power in a military coup. He was also a friend of former national army chief Prawit Wongsuwon and his comments were always against the government and the Pheu Thai Party, Mr Prompong said.During the Surayud Chulanont administration, MR Pridiyathorn had caused the SET index to plummet by more than 100 points, losing about 800 billion baht in just a single day, he said."I've been told by senior Pheu Thai members that MR Pridiyathorn had offered himself as a deputy premier and finance minister of the Pheu Thai government but the party refused his offer," Mr Prompong said. "Is this why he is angry at Pheu Thai and has decided to move in line with anti-government protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban?"MR Pridiyathorn's call was "selfish" and would not benefit the public and he should stand for election and apply for the Democrat Party leader's post, Mr Prompong said.Pheu Thai list MP candidate Chavalit Witchayasuth said the constitution does not open the way for Ms Yingluck to resign as caretaker prime minister. Ms Yingluck must remain as the caretaker PM until a new government is established, he said."His Majesty the King has said that he does not agree with the idea of invoking Section 7 to form a royally appointed government. We therefore should follow the democratic system and respect the votes of 20 million people who cast their ballots in the general election," Mr Chavalit said.

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Discussion 1 : 07/02/2014 at 03:51 PM
newbie or oldie the mans suggestion is another fail attempt to discredit a legally elected govenment. Regardles if corrupt the Dems didnt want to run and now they cry foul can not have it both ways. bad luck
Discussion 2 : 07/02/2014 at 06:29 AM
It is not undemocratic or unconstitutional to criticize a caretaker government or ask a failed caretaker government to resign for the sake of the country and its people to pave the way for a new and more capable government, which hopefully can lead the country out of this mess. Critics and calls like this are normal in civilized democratic countries and failed governments have resigned a hundred times before in the past.
Discussion 3 : 07/02/2014 at 02:47 AM
Of course, he does. That is why he is staying relevant. But he is just another retread.
Discussion 4 : 06/02/2014 at 11:27 PM
I agree. There are many 'newbies' who have been posting on here in recent months, whose collective knowledge and understanding about Thailand, Thai people and Thai culture could fit in a thimble.
Discussion 5 : 06/02/2014 at 09:20 PM
If by "WE THE PEOPLE" you mean all the people who exercise their vote with each person having an equal vote - Yes, the people have a right to remove people through an election. If you mean "WE THE PEOPLE" as in we the people who protest in public streets and take over government buildings and are actually the great minority, then no there is no constitutional right for a minority to deny the will of the majority.
Discussion 6 : 06/02/2014 at 08:14 PM
David, going by your post count you must be new to Thailand (like many others recently with a naïve or blinkered view). The PDRC didn't cause this mess, PT did with their outrageous amnesty bill. Now they are causing chaos by forcing a pointless election with no opposition. Ask yourself : why are they so afraid of reform first ?. To help you a little more to understand what you are posting about : nobody has ever mentioned anyone being PM without a full and fair election first - so your word 'coup' seems a little foolish.
Discussion 7 : 06/02/2014 at 08:12 PM
Certainly he holds the better credentials both personally and socially !
Discussion 8 : 06/02/2014 at 08:08 PM
If he wants or deserves the seat, then put a plan for Government to the Thai people, and get elected into office. That is what, unfortunately for some, democracy is all about. Yes maybe most Thai's are fed up with the current Government but give them a reason to believe the alternative is better, and don't be seeking 'appointment' by virtue of some 'silent coup' that flushes democracy down the toilet.
Discussion 9 : 06/02/2014 at 06:33 PM
He is certainly much more intelligent and capable than the clone!
Discussion 10 : 06/02/2014 at 06:22 PM
If he wants to be PM, he is going the wrong way about it.
Discussion 11 : 06/02/2014 at 06:20 PM
"the government to resign from its caretaker role to pave the way for an interim government was unconstitutional and undemocratic." No sir, not at all, WE THE PEOPLE, have the constitutional right to remove them or the revolutionary right to depose them, read Abraham Lincoln. Prompong, you actually have very little knowledge what true democracy entails.
Discussion 12 : 06/02/2014 at 06:16 PM
Yes totally agree . It is unconstitutional .. He should have been deputy with the PT party.. Thailand minority need to stop demanding judicial coup this wound continue of cause more never ending KAOS.

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