Laos slow to pass legal reforms

VIENTIANE - Laos has received US$3.9 million from foreign donors to expand the rule of law in the communist country, where only about 100 legislative laws have been passed since 1975, media reports said.

The Ministry of Justice launched a three-year project with financial assistance from the European Union, the United Nations, France and the United States to hasten its "journey in becoming a rule of law state," the state-run <i>Vientiane Times</i> reported.

"Since national liberation in 1975, the National Assembly has passed no more than 100 laws, which is seen as insufficient to govern the state and society and to respond to the nation's development needs," the government mouthpiece said.

Communist Laos, a land-locked country of 6 million people, has been ruled by the Lao People's Revolutionary Party since 1975. 

It is the only political party permitted to contest general elections for the National Assembly, the legislative body.

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