Charter court rejects petition to void poll

The Constitution Court on Wednesday rejected a petition asking that it to rule on whether the Feb 2 elections were constitutional.

The petition was lodged by Wirat Kanlayasiri, a former Democrat MP for Songkhla. He asked the court to void the controversial general election, citing Section 68 of the charter, which penalises the exercise of rights and liberties to acquire ruling power through unconstitutional means. 

In his complaint, Mr Wirat argued that the poll did not take place on the same day nationwide as required by the constitution. 

He claimed the caretaker government's invocation of the emergency decree in Bangkok and nearby areas was an act that enabled the Pheu Thai Party to use administrative power to take advantage over its political rivals in the election.

The court dismissed the petition, saying there was no credible evidence that the poll violated Section 68 of the charter. 

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