Two killed in Narathiwat chase

Two construction workers were killed in a drive-by shooting in the southern border province of Narathiwat on Saturday, police said.

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Pol Lt Manote Plodkan-ngern, a duty officer at Rangae police station, identified the victims Muhammad-dao Sani and Saidee Yalaesa-ngae. Their bodies were found riddled with bullets inside a sedan on a local road in tambon Tanyongmas.

Two pickup trucks and a motorcycle were found at the scene.

According to investigators, Muhammad-dao and Saidee were killed by gunmen on one of the pickup trucks as they were returning home from work. As the gunmen were chasing and firing at the sedan, their pickup truck collided head-on with the other pickup truck driven by a villager on the opposite lane. The sedan then lost control and hit the back of the gunmen's pickup truck and a motorcycle parking nearby.

The attackers left their vehicle and fled.

Police found more than 10 spent cartridge shells scattered on the road.

Police were investigating whether the attack was carried out by southern insurgents or whether it was motivated by a personal conflict.

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