Couple slain in Yala

A man and his wife were shot to death in a gun attack in Yala's Thanto district on Saturday night, police said.

Pol Lt Kiatisak Denphut, the duty officer at Thano police station, said the incident took place at about 7pm on the road to Ban Bo Hin Tok in tambon Ban Rae.

While Waehama Uma, 50, and his wife Duangporn Thongchai, 25, who worked as rubber tappers, were returning home from Ban Rae market on a motorcycle they were followed by two men on another motorcyle. The two men opened fire at them with pistols.

The two were seriously wounded and died later at Thanto Hospital.

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Discussion 1 : 16/02/2014 at 11:45 AM
Forget the Bangkok games and concentrate on the horrendous situation that is developing in the Southern border provinces. If the Prime Minister cannot handle it, she must step down and let a responsible person take over. Certainly not the military who have grossly mishandled the situation, nor the incompetent Chalerm

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