Poll: Rivals 'should step back'

The government and the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) should each take a step backwards from the ongoing confrontation as a way of concretely solving the conflict, according to the result of an opinion survey conducted by Suan Dusit Poll.

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They survey was carried out on Feb 11-15 on 1,383 people across the country.

Asked to suggest a concrete way out of the current conflict, 44.59% of the respondents said both the government and the PDRC should each take a step backward; 29.28% said all concerned should stop all trouble-making behaviour and turn to forging unity; 17.56% said the two sides should find a mediator for talks and listen to each other's opinions; and 8.57% said all concerned should respect the law.

Asked if the ongoing conflicts are unusual or normal, a large majority of the respondents, or 83.91%, said the ongoing conflicts are between two major political parties fighting for power which have been deep-rooted and unusual, while 16.91% said they are ordinary political conflicts.

Asked what they thought is the cause of the conflicts, 33.17% pointed to different opinions and prejudice, 31.66% to power and self-interest, 19.10% to lack of unity and morality, and 16.07% to disrespect of the law and weaknesses in the justice system.

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