Policeman killed, 44 injured in clash

The Erawan Centre reports that a total of 44 injured people including police, protesters and a journalist, were sent to hospitals around 1pm Tuesday after a clash at Phan Fah Bridge.

A policeman was reported to have died in the clash. Another six policemen were injured. The rest were protesters and a foreign journalist.

The police tried to take back the protest site at Phan Fah Bridge, which has been occupied by anti-government protesters under the Dhamma Army. They took control of most the area but what sounded like gunshots and explosions were heard shortly before noon and police stepped back.

Fifteen of the injured were sent to Klang Hospital, 10 to Vichira, five to Hua Chiew and two to Ramathibodi.

Samdin Lertbut, a leading Dharma Army member, said the gunshots and explosions did not come from the protesters' site. He said he did know where they originated but confirmed that several people from both sides were found to have been injured after firing was heard.

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