Network petitions Senate to sack EC

The network of Thai people to safeguard democracy on Wednesday filed a petition with Senate Speaker Nikom Wairatpanich asking the Senate to dismiss all members of the Election Commission for alleged neglect of duty in organising the election on Feb 2.

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The petition, filed by network leader Prawet Wallopbanharn, was signed by 20,000 people.

In the petition, the EC is alleged to have not done enough to complete the election.

The EC intentionally did not take measures to prevent People's Democratic Reform Committee protesters from blocking the registration of candidates and prevent voting in many constituencies.  As a result, it was not able to announce the results of the Feb 2 polls.

The EC was guilty of dereliction of duty and had failed to protect the people's voting rights, according to the petition.

The network asked the Senate to remove all five members of the Election Commission under Section 274 of the constitution.

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