'Fake police' arrested for theft, rape

Crime Suppression Division (CSD) police have arrested three men alleged to have posed as police and robbed, detained and raped several victims in Bangkok late last year.

The men were named as Theerapop Chavanapanya, 42, from Samut Prakan province; Chote Chimpaen, 38, from Sai Mai district of Bangkok; and Samai Khotphet, 35, from Nong Khai province.

Police allege the three men and two other accomplices still at large, posed as drug suppression police to break into the home of a couple in Sai Mai district on Dec 26. There they robbed them before abducting and hold them for a ransom of 115,000 baht at a hotel on Srinakarin Road in Samut Prakan province. The also allegedly raped the woman while waiting for the ransom money from relatives of one of the victims.

The victims filed a complaint with police at Sai Mai station. They later sought CSD help because of slow progress in the investigation by Sai Mai police. The CSD probe led to the arrests of the three suspects.

The three reportedly confessed to similar attacks on other victims in Bangkok’s Sai Mai district, Phra Pradaeng district in Samut Prakan and other areas nearby.

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