MRT fares to rise by up to two baht

The Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) plans to seek approval to raise fares on its underground train service by one to two baht for each trip, effective July this year.

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MRTA governor Yongsit Rojsrikul said the company has the right to raise fares for underground train journeys every two years. The date for the next increase is July 3 and the MRTA plans to increase fares to between 16 and 42 baht, up from between 16 and 40 baht a trip, he said.

Commuters going only from one station to the next will continue to pay 16 baht but those travelling up to 10 stations will pay additional one baht a trip, costing between 19 and 37 baht. Those travelling 11 to 17 stations will have to pay two baht more each trip, between 40 and 42 baht.

He said the MRTA would propose the details of new fares to the Transport Ministry in order to seek cabinet approval. The process should be complete by June 3 since the MRTA is required by law to announce the new fares at least a month in advance. 

Mr Yongsit said he anticipated no problem in seeking approval for the new fares because the right to raise ticket prices is stated in the concession contract.

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