Shinawatra hotel scorns Luang Pu

Luang Pu Buddha Issara, a core anti-government leader, tried to get rooms for protesting farmers at the Shinawatra family-owned SC Park Hotel on Thursday, but was refused accommodation - and demanded and received 120,000 baht in compensation, plus costs.

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The People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) has targeted businesses owned by or having a relationship with the Shinawatra family, urging supporters to stop buying goods or services provided by those companies.

Luang Pu led his supporters from the Chaeng Wattana rally base to Shinawatra Tower 3 on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road on Thursday morning. 

They later travelled on vehicles to the SC Park Hotel, which is on Praditnamutham Road in Wang Thong Lang area.

Upon arrival about 11.45am, Luang Pu showed the hotel staff his receipt for a deposit of 4,200 baht for the reservation of 10 rooms, which the monk said were reserved for protesting farmers who have been forced to sleep out on the street for some time.

The hotel informed the monk that the check-in time should be 2pm and only 20 people would be allowed to use the rooms.

Pol Col Sawanhakij Bamrungsak, superintendent of Wang Thong Lang police station, went to talk with Luang Pu and asked why protesters were at the hotel. The monk insisted that the reserved rooms were for farmers.

The hotel's manager, Ekawit Okwaeha, informed Luang Pu that he could not allow protesters to use the reserved rooms because his existing guests were frightened and the hotel must give priority to guests already staying at the hotel.

Luang Pu then demanded cash compensation of 120,000 baht, 40,000 baht for fuel for 40 vehicles and 80,000 baht for eight buses.

Mr Ekawit finally paid the requested amount, but Luang Pu also wanted a refund of the deposit, which eventually was paid by Pol Col Sawanhakij.

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