Smugglers nabbed in wildlife haul

KHON KAEN: Police arrested two men on Thursday for smuggling protected animals destined for sale abroad.

Highway police stopped a suspicious-looking pickup truck at a checkpoint on Mittraphap Road in Nam Phong district.

A search revealed five tiger cubs in fertiliser sacks as well as 312 water monitors, 174 turtles, and 11 softshell turtles in plastic boxes. They were found in the back of the vehicle covered with a black plastic sheet.

Wisanu Netsawang, 36, and Chakraphan Khamkhotesoon, 22, were arrested and charged with illegal possession of protected animals.

Mr Wisanu allegedly admitted he was paid 20,000 baht by Thai and Chinese businessmen to deliver the animals from Ayutthaya to Bung Kan, where they were to be smuggled into Laos before being sent on to China.

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Discussion 1 : 22/02/2014 at 03:28 AM
Like that will happen! When did you ever hear of any investigation attempting to trace backwards to find the origin of the money!? It's not in the interests of the police to ask these questions.
Discussion 2 : 21/02/2014 at 09:49 AM
Throw the book at them unless they can give information leading to the arrest of the Thai businessman who allegedly paid them, whoever he/she is should be thrown in jail for life.

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