Rice farmers returning home

Rice growers from central provinces on Friday agreed to return home after receiving a promise from the caretaker premier that long overdue rice payments will be made next week, reports said.

Chada Thaiset, a former Chartthaipattana Party MP for Uthai Thani and a leader of the rice farmers rally, said on a protest stage at the roadside resting point on the Asian Highway in Pang Pa-In, Ayutthaya, that he had already met and held talks with caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra.

“Ms Yingluck promised that the rice payments will be made next week,” he told the farmers opn Friday.

It was reported that the rallying farmers had discussed their next move after receiving the promise. Many of them thought they should move on to Suvarnabhumi airport as planned, because they did not believe the caretaker government would be able to make the delayed payments as promised.

However, the farmers finally agreed to cancel their plan to rally at the international airport and were heading home on their farm trucks.

They promised to return and to rally at the international airport if they do not get paid next week as promised.

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