Suthep blames Thaksin 'lackeys'

Protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban on Sunday night condemned the perpetrators of the deadly attacks at anti-government rally sites in Trat and Ratchaprasong intersection and accused "lackeys of the Thaksin regime" for the deaths of a woman, a five-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy.

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Mr Suthep said he was confident the attacks were carried out by people who were lackeys and servants of the Thaksin regime. He denied speculation that civilians opposed to the People's Democratic Reform Committee could have been behind the incidents.    

“They are so brutal that they can even murder a five year old. Neither incident could have been the work of any other groups, but were masterminded by the Thaksin regime in a bid to scare away protesters and make them go home. 

“They did it because they are cornered now. They cannot use police to disperse [PDRC protesters] legally,” Mr Suthep said in an address to supporters at the Pathumwan stage.  

“I don’t believe these were the acts of ordinary civilians who are unhappy with the PDRC. I don’t believe any fellow Thai citizens who still have humanity in them would do this.” 

Mr Suthep urged PDRC protesters to remain calm and not act maliciously towards the PDRC's rivals.  

“Although our people have been killed and injured, we must stay conscious, adhere to peaceful means, not respond with violence. We are going the right way with our non-violent protest movement. Let us carry on.”

Mr Suthep joined a night vigil held at the PDRC main protest stage to mourn the deaths in the two separate attacks before delivering his speech. Attending the event were PDRC co-leaders and protesters. 

The ex-Democrat MP announced that the PDRC would give the families of the protesters killed in violent incidents in Bangkok and other provinces one million baht each and would set up funds worth one million baht each for the education of the children of those killed.

He urged PDRC leaders in the provinces to avoid organising activities if they feel the venues to be used as rally sites were not safe, adding they could travel to Bangkok and join other protesters instead. 

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