Dad of slain Trat girl wants justice

Devastated by the sudden loss of his five-year-old daughter in Saturday’s gun and grenade attack in Khao Saming district, Nipon Promma condemned those behind the inhumane act.

"What has my daughter done wrong? Why was she killed? I condemn the killers and wish they could face the same fate as my child," Mr Nipon said yesterday.

Laliwan, his daughter, was playing next to her mother who was washing dishes at a noodle stall near the rally site of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) at Ying Charoen market on Saturday night.

Seven people in his family were also wounded in the same attack despite the fact that none of them were part of the anti-government gathering. They were there selling noodles at the market.

Khao Saming district office chief Banjong Kanakasai said the district was considering controlling future movements of political groups as a way of curbing violence.

The Rights and Liberties Protection Department yesterday gave Mr Nipon 100,000 baht in initial assistance that is provided under legislation regarding compensation for victims of criminal cases.

Another five-year-old girl, who was also shot in the same attack, remained in a coma yesterday.

Nattaya Rorsungnoen is now on a respirator under close observation, said doctors at Rayong Hospital where she was being treated.

Her brain was swollen and had stopped functioning, while her blood pressure had dropped, said the doctors.

However, since Nattaya has yet to be pronounced dead by doctors, the department cannot pay compensation to her family for the time being.

Pol Maj Gen Thi-sathat Buranarach, chief of Trat police, said the police had still been unable to identify which group was behind the attack but had found that the grenades were the M26A2 type, which are in common use by the military.

However, police had yet come to any conclusion over who owned the weapons used in the attack.

They are not the only child victims of protest-related violence over the weekend. Two children were killed after a grenade explosion near Big C Superstore at Ratchaprasong on Sunday — a six year-old girl, and her four-year old brother.

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