Tanks rumble for parade rehearsal

An array of military hardware was transported from bases in Bangkok for a military parade rehearsal at Don Mueang airport on Tuesday.

Tanks, armoured vehicles, missiles and artillery were moved from at least two bases in Chaeng Watthana and Kiakkia districts for the parade rehearsal.

The hardware will be the centrepiece of the parade to be staged on March 6 to mark the founding of the Anti Aircraft Division Command (AADC).

AADC chief, Lt Gen Weerun Chantasatkosol, reportedly ordered a grand parade to honour Army Commander-In-Chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha who is due to retire at the end of September. Gen Prayuth is to preside over the parade.

The public is usually informed in advance of army plans to move tanks and artillery to prevent misunderstandings, especially during periods of heightened political tensions.

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