Woman dies from Trat attack injuries

A 40-year-old woman who was shot last Saturday night during an attack on an anti-government rally in Trat died early Friday morning.

Pistawan Aunjai was among the victims severely injured by attackers who threw grandes and fired automatic weapons into the crowd at Ying Charoen market in Khao Saming district on Feb 22, where was a rally by supporters of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).

She was admitted into intensive unit care since the violence and died at 4am Friday, reports said.

Manas Aunjai, 51, the victim’s husband, said the couple were eating noodles in front of the market when the bombing and the shooting occurred. He ducked below the table and after the noise ended, he found his wife was unconscious with a gunshot wound to the body. She was rushed to a hospital. He was only slightly hurt.

He said they were merchants selling clothes at the market. They were not attending the rally. They lived in Chanthaburi which is about 70km away.

“I heard the bomb followed by the gunfire. I ducked under the table and saw the attackers standing on the back of a pickup truck firing into the local people. It was a brutal act,” he said, recalling the violent evening.

“I am very sad to lose my wife from this incident. We did not join in the protest. It’s so sad that our two daughters have lost their mother. I haven’t told my girls yet, as I have to wait until one of them finishes her final exam today,” said Mr Manas.

Pistawan was the third fatality from the attack at at the roadside market where the PDRC supporters gathered on in Trat province last Saturday night. Two five-year-old girls who were also not attending the rally died from injuries received in the attack and another 33 people were injured, some critically, according to the Erawan emergency centre.

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