Banners condemn govt in far South

Cloth banners bearing messages written in the local yawi malayu dialect condemning the caretaker government appeared at 18 spots in Yala’s Muang district and six districts of Narathiwat on Friday morning.

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In Yala, the banners, translated as “It is known that Siam has no etiquette and Malaysia and Pattani have fallen prey several times. Can we trust Siam this time”, were hung at Kaset market, Bor Jed Luke circle and on roadside trees at Ban Sako in Muang Yala district.

In Narathiwat, a bomb disposal team led by Pol Sub-Lt Ponlawat Thepsorn and other police took down the cloth banners from trees and power poles in 15 spots of Muang, Tak Bai, Rueso, Rangae, Waeng and Bacho districts.

The banners, translated as “governing Siam likes killing to seize power”, were written in black, blue and red ink.

Pol Sub-Lt Ponlawat said suspicious paper boxes were also placed at many points but inspections found that they did not contain explosives, only soil and rocks.

The banners were believed to have been hung late on Thursday night by militants to mark the first anniversary of the failed peace talks between Thai authorities and representatives of southern insurgency groups.

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