Next round of talks to involve four

PHETCHABURI — A new round of talks between the government and the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) will likely be held next week with more participants.

Four persons in total will likely be in the room from two earlier, said Somchai Srisuthiyakorn, the coordinator of the talks.

The dialogue will focus more on the details, the points that each side wants to see happen. Those that can be agreed upon will be discussed while the rest may be explored at the third round, he said.   

"I believe both sides now want to sit at the table. Their views differ only on the process and method, which can be changed. In my view, a closed session without media present should be the most successful," he said in Phetchaburi province today.

"Once the conclusion is nearly reached, more information will be revealed or open talks before the press may be possible.

"The PDRC has already backed down by combining its stages and the government should view this as a concession rather than a necessity for its part. The government should in good faith send the same signal so that the talks can progress," said Mr Somchai, who is also an election commissioner.

However, he refused to tell the names of the four participants in the second round.

"Let's just say I can invite four of the country's most important persons to the table next week. There's no need to tell the names since everybody knows this is the most important agenda of the country at present. Everyone is willing to make himself available in short notice," he said.

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