Disappointed Luang Pu stands ground

The anti-government protest co-leader at Chaeng Watthana has expressed disappointment over Suthep Thaugsuban's decision to consolidate all stages in Bangkok.

Luang Pu Buddha Issara last night refused to dismantle the Government Complex stage after Mr Suthep announced an end to the Bangkok shutdown.

The monk said on the one hand each stage had already had its share of deaths and injuries.

But on the other hand, the consolidation would ease the impacts their mission had had on people living nearby.

"I respect Mr Suthep's decision and will talk with him about the next strategy," he told the demonstrators at the stage.

"But I affirm that the Chaeng Watthana stage will not be consolidated or moved elsewhere because I'm confident of our victory this month," he added.

The stage has planned a march again on Monday, first to file a complaint with the Auditor General's Office and demand investigation into non-payments to farmers who have pledged rice to the government.

They also planned another undisclosed destination, saying it is in line with the strategy to put pressure on businesses linked to the Shinawatras.   

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