Imam killed, son wounded in Narathiwat

An imam, a Muslim religious leader, was killed and his son seriously wounded in a gun attack in Narathiwat's Yingo district on Sunday morning, police said.

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Pol Col Suthon Sukwiset, the Yingo police chief, said the incident occurred at about 8.30am on a road in front of Baluka Sano School in tambon Tapoyo.

Kori Dolo, 62, the imam of Kuyi mosque in tambon Tapoyo, was pillion-riding a motorcyle driven by his son Aris, 17, to a school in the area for special tuition when they were followed by two men on another motorcyle.

The pillion rider of the other motorcycle opened fire at Kori and his son. Kori was killed instantly while his son, Aris, was seriously wounded.

The son was admitted to Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Hospital.

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