Phayao police probe red 'separatists'

The deputy chief of Muang district police, and the Phayao army district, on Sunday filed two separate complaints charging provincial red-shirts with instigating unrest under Section 116 of the Criminal Code.

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The first complaint was filed by Pol Lt Col Chalermchart Yawichai, deputy chief of Muang district police and the second by Col Wiset Veerasakpoonket, deputy commander of the Phayao army district.

The complaints state that a group of red-shirts erected a sign on March 1 in Muang district reading: "There is no justice in this country. We want to form a separate Lanna country."   

Pol Maj Gen Panu Buranasiri, the Phayao police chief, said police would conduct an investigation and look for suspects in the case.

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