Troops shifted to guard Lumpini

The army will keep its existing 176 checkpoints and almost 10,000 troops in Bangkok even though anti-government rally sites have been consolidated.

The forces, however, have been re-deployed to focus on guarding the Lumpini Park where the protesters are staying.

The goal is to deter the use of war weapons, violence or law violations, commander-in-chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha was quoted yesterday.

Gen Prayuth also asked his commanders to promote understanding and confidence among the people and prevent confrontation among groups with different views.

Solutions to current problems — from opposite political views to farm products and drought — will be sought.

"Our operations at present aim to resolve overall problems, not to support or obstruct any side. We aim to maintain rules and laws and treat every party fairly," a deputy army spokesperson quoted him as saying.

The army chief also asked all commanders to maintain appropriate stance and promote understanding in society given the widespread use of social media as a propaganda tool by conflicting parties.

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