Motorbike thieves caught in Chiang Mai

The police have arrested a man and a male teenager who stole more than 100 motorbikes in Chiang Mai province and dismantled them to sell the spare parts online.

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Noppadol Chaidok, 23, and a teenager identified only as “A”, were arrested at a house in Chiang Mai’s Muang district while in the process of dismantling a bike.

The motorbike was stolen by Mr Noppadol after police planted it as part of a sting operation, according to Pol Lt Gen Suthep Dejraksa, commissioner of provincial police region 5.

Mr Noppadol then drove the bike to a house where he and "A" began to take it to pieces. At the house, police found another 13 stolen motorcycles and parts of more than 50 others and tools used to take the bikes apart.

Mr Noppodol confessed that he had stolen more than a hundred motorcycles. He said it often only took two minutes to acquire one.

"A" was responsible for separating the parts before they were sold online. The pair were earning around 2,000 baht from one motorcycle and spent the money on entertaining themselves, Mr Noppodol said.

Pol Lt Gen Suthep said more than 300 motorbikes had been stolen in Muang district since October 2013.    

The police analysed the thefts and identified the most stolen model and the worst-hit locations before carrying out their sting operation. They used the most stolen model of bike to lure the thieves and planted it near Maharat Hospital, before deploying forces in the area to track the suspects.

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