Yaowaret rejects 'outstanding' award

Yaowaret Shinawatra, a younger sister of Thaksin Shinawatra, has turned down her nomination for an "outstanding woman" award, according to an open letter posted on her daughter's Facebook page.

Her nomination was earlier challenged by Supensri Puengkoksueng, chief of the Women's Rights Protection Centre, a unit under the Friends of Women Foundation, a non-government organisation.

Ms Supensri submitted a letter opposing Mrs Yaowaret's nomination for the 2014 award for promotion of equality and protection of women's rights.

The award ceremony is being organised by  the Social Development and Human Security Ministry to celebrate the 2014 International Women's Day on March 8.

"I have been dedicated to promoting equality and protecting women's rights all my life. I was not hurt by the opposition to my nomination because I have never expected anything in return. I remain confident, however, that many women benefited from my determination and will throughout 20 years, and this is my life's award. I'm ready to give up the nomination to help create a reconciliation atmosphere," said the letter, posted on Sand Wongnapachant's Facebook and signed by Mrs Yaowaret.

Ms Yaowaret is a former chairwoman of the National Council of Women of Thailand and is currently chairwoman of the National Outstanding Thai Women's Association.

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