Isoc: Militants 'exploiting' child murders

The Internal Security Operations Command has accused militants of exploiting the murder of three young Muslim boys to incite revenge attacks that have killed six Buddhists in the deep South.

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The three brothers were killed in a Feb 3 attack on their family home perpetrated by a volunteer ranger and his two accomplices.

The attack was intended to kill the father of the three children, in revenge for a separate murder.

Isoc spokesman Col Banpot Poonpian said the killing of the children had been manipulated by separatists to benefit their cause.

“The saddening part of this case is that insurgents have used it as an excuse to get revenge and murder innocent Thais in several localities on Feb 9, 12 and 13,” he said.

“Six people including monks, women and children were killed and several others wounded. This kind of incident is a major lesson for all in the southern border provinces.”  

On Feb 12, a 29-year-old female Bangkok Bank employee was shot dead and burned in Yaring district, Pattani province. A hand-written note addressed to the army chief was found at the scene and warned that the body would not be the last following the deaths of the three brothers.  

Col Banpot pleaded on all sides to have faith in judicial processes and to not circulate unverified information regarding the southern insurgency posted on social media site comments. 

He said the killing of the three brothers resulted from a personal conflict not directly related to the insurgency, a fact that was confirmed when two of the three suspects in the case were taken before the media on Monday.

The Isoc spokesman also said the military had cooperated with police in the investigation and had not attempted to protect the suspects even though they were volunteer rangers. 

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