Charter court poll re-run ruling sought

The Election Commission has asked the Constitution Court to rule whether it has the authority to hold poll re-runs in 28 southern constituencies unable to complete the Feb 2 election due to protests that prevented candidates from registering.

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The request was signed by the five commissioners at today's meeting of the EC and asks whether the agency has the constitutional right to hold fresh candidate registration sessions and set a new date for a poll re-run in the 28 constituencies.

If not, the EC has asked the court to rule on whether the caretaker prime minister is required to propose a draft royal decree in order to hold a poll re-run under Sections 108 and 187 of the constitution.

If it is necessary to issue a new royal decree, the EC wants the court to decide if it can hold a new general election in the 28 constituencies or if voting must be repeated across the country.

This is because Section 108 of the constitution states that a general election must be held on the same day throughout the country whenever the House of Representatives is dissolved.

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