Protesters march against government

Anti-government protesters under the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) banner arrived at the Revenue Department on Wednesday, hoping to persuade officials to side with them.

The group of protesters arrived the department’s head office in Soi Aree, off Rama 6 Road, late in the morning. They set up a temporary stage at the gate and demanded that the director-general negotiate with them.

The demonstrators request officials at the department to stop working and no longer serve as the “tool” of  Thaksin regime, asking civil servants step out and join the protesters.

Earlier on Wednesday, another group of protesters under the Network of Students and People for Reform of Thailand arrived at the headquarters of the Pheu Thai Party on Phetchaburi Road. They put up a cement block barrier to close the entrance and exit to the building. 

The protesters also put up a large banner stating, “Stop the movement to separate Thailand”, placing it over the Pheu Thai Party sign.

The protesters spent around one hour there and later moved to the Department of Public Works and Town and Country Planning on Rama 9 Road. They later headed to the Excise Department office on Nakhon Ratchasima Road.

Another group of PDRC protesters went to the Royal Thai Army headquarters, announcing they were giving moral support to the soldiers.

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