Court ruling on PDRC protests sought

The Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO) is to ask the Constitution Court to rule on the legality of anti-government protests led by the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).

Department of Special Investigation (DSI) chief Tarit Pengdith said on Wednesday that CMPO director Chalerm Yubamrung had signed a petition to be submitted to the Constitution Court.

Although several other petitions on the issue have already been submitted to the charter court, the CMPO has now gathered additional evidence about legal offences committed by core members of the PDRC, he said, adding that the information proves protesters have caused considerable damage to the economy and society.

"The CMPO's petition to be filed with the charter court today will include details on legal offences in 89 folders, each containing about 300 pages. Pol Capt Chalerm Yubamrung will submit the petition by himself, both as an individual and in his capacity as CMPO director," Mr Tarit said.

Mr Tarit said he believed the new and complete evidence would be sufficient for the court to rule that the PDRC's protests were illegal.

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