Chalerm 'dared' to camp out at rally

Anti-government protesters at Chaeng Wattana will move their rally to a new location if defence permanent secretary Nipat Thonglek or Chalerm Yubamrung, chief of the Centre for Maintaining Peace and Order (CMPO), agree stay on the street with them for three nights, protest leader Luang Pu Buddha Issara said on Wednesday.

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He issued the challenge when the government made another attempt to negotiate for the return of the rally site at the government complex on Wednesday morning.

Maj Gen Surachart Jitchaeng, of the ministerial office of the Defence Ministry, discussed the issue with Luang Pu.

Luang Pu said protesters would move off the road if either Gen Nipat or Mr Chalerm stayed three nights with the protesters and guarantee the protesters’ safety.

He said the protesters had already allowed vehicles to use the road at the back of the Government Complex, so at this point he would not allow the full opening of Chaeng Wattana Road.

However,  the protesters would agree to remove the stage from Chaeng Wattana Road if protesters were allowed to gather in the office of the permanent secretary of defence, the Royal Thai Police Sports Club, where the CMPO is based, or any building inside the Government Complex at Chaeng Wattana.

The peaceful demonstration would continue, as was approved by the Constitution Court and the Civil Court, he said.

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