BCCT backs proposals for negotiations to end political stalemate

The British Chamber of Commerce Thailand (BCCT) has thrown its support behind a proposal by Thai business leaders for the caretaker government and protesters to start talks to settle their differences.

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"We applaud and welcome the initiatives of both sides to come to the negotiation table as a positive step,'' the BCCT said in a statement issued yesterday.

''We support fully the parties entering into a sincere negotiation to find a peaceful end to this conflict as soon as possible."

The BCCT said the political conflict has affected the grassroots of the economy comprising small and medium-sized enterprises, small farmers and unskilled workers.

"We are of the view that both sides should endeavour to bring the negotiation to a successful conclusion, taking into account the national interests and the unity of the Thai people. They should commit themselves to find peace without posing any prior conditions before the start of the negotiations," it added.

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