PDRC leader accused of "kill order"

A man who claimed he was detained for five days, beaten, tied up and thrown into the Bang Pakong River by anti-government protest guards on Thursday accused protest co-leader Issara Somchai of issuing a "kill order" for him.

Yuem Nillar, 33, a security guard with a private company in Bangkok, was talking to reporters from his bed at the Police General Hospital.

“I ask [Mr Issara] one last time if he could spare my life. He said ‘no’ and must throw me in the river, whether in the Chao Phraya or … feed me to a crocodile … that’s it,” Mr Yuem told reporters when asked to give details about the alleged kill order by the co-leader of the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).

He is having trouble breathing due to his lung being lacerated from the impact of a solid object.

Mr Yuem confirmed he could recognise Mr Issara as he saw him and heard him clearly while speaking to him.  

He also said he could identify the guards involved in the incident if he sees them in person again. 

Mr Issara, a former Democrat MP for Ubon Ratchathani, denied Mr Yuem's allegation, saying the PDRC guards did not detain, torture or throw him in the river.

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