Most voters unaware of Senate's role

About two-thirds of people polled said they had no idea what were the main job responsibilities of senators, Bangkok Poll said on Sunday.

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The pollster at the Research Centre at Bangkok University reported the results of a survey on “Thai People and the 2014 Senate Elections”, interviewing 1,090 eligible voters of all educational levels and occupations nationwide.

Bangkok Poll said 63% of the respondents knew that the senate elections would be held on March 30 while 37% did not. 

Asked whether they would cast a vote on that day, 55.9% said they would, 18.8% would not, saying they had other errands to run, and 25.3% had not yet decided.

However, 64.3% admitted they did not know about senators’ role in parliament while 35.7% could point out that the Senate was duty bound to deliberate bills, examine the government’s work and scrutinise its use of state budgets, among others.    

A total of 457 candidates have registered to run for Senate seats in all 77 provinces, with Bangkok having the highest number of candidacies with 18. 

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