Three hurt by bomb near Lumpini Park

One man was hurt by a bomb explosion outside Lumpini Park early Tuesday and admitted to Chulalongkorn Hospital, the city's Erawan emergency centre said, while Thai media reports said two other men were also slightly injured in the incident.

The centre announced in an update on its website that a man was taken to the hospital around 5.20am after a bomb exploded near Lumpini Park, which is the main site of anti-government protesters under the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).

The man was later identified as Adul Maneesaweg, 32. He was said to be under observation at the hospital.

The bomb exploded near Gate 4 of Lumpini Park.

Prior to this incident, an M79 grenade landed on the road in front of Lotus Chaeng Watthana around 11pm Monday but no one was injured The location is around 500 metres away from the PDRC rally site and not far from a checkpoint operated jointly by the police and the army.

Below, the bomb scene outside Lumpini Park.

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