Chadchat: Court ruling 'only technical'

Caretaker Transport Minister Chadchat Sittipunt says the Constitution Court's rejection of the controversial megaprojects bill was merely technical and did not oppose the two trillion baht projects.

Mr Chadchat said on Wednesday the ruling related mainly to legal matters and constitutionality regarding the bill which would authorise the Finance Ministry to seek two trillion baht in loans outside of normal channels.He insisted it was crucial for Thailand to drive forward development megaprojects for infrastructure and transportation.Caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra echoed Mr Chadchat's comments and pleaded the public to look at the government’s good intention for the country’s development.“We did it for the nation, so I want people to look at [our] intentions. Do not look at how to use the law to abrogate people’s rights. "And after all this, just how are we going to develop the country,” Ms Yingluck asked in an emotional address to reporters in Chaiyaphum province following the court’s decision. “It will be difficult if one aims to do everything by using legal provisions and then deprive others of their rights - rather than looking at the true intention. We hope to receive understanding, justice and sympathy.” Ms Yingluck said it was a pity that the legislation was derailed as the government had worked to the best of its ability to push ahead infrastructure development projects for the country, especially in the public transportation area, so as to make Thailande a hub of Asean.She defended the legislation to borrow outside normal budgetary means, which opponents said would enable the ministries of Transport and Finance to draw on money without normal spending scrutiny. “The country has a large number of financial burdens to pay under the normal budgetary process, such as social and educational developments, so seeking the loans through the normal budgetary process would create delay,” she said.

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