Court hits local politician with 10-yr ban

CHIANG RAI: The Supreme Court on Wednesday sentenced a Chiang Rai provincial administrative organisation chief to two years and six months in jail, suspended for two years, for using false information in lodging a complaint against her political rival during a local election.

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PAO president Salakjit Tiyapairat, the wife of former House speaker Yongyuth Tiyapairat, was also slapped with a 50,000-baht fine and a 10-year ban from politics.

Salakjit was accused by former PAO chief Rattana Jongsuthamani of falsely accusing her of handing out giveaways to people to woo votes in the PAO election in 2004. Ms Rattana later won the PAO poll. The court in 2006 handed down a jail term of three years and nine months and a 75,000-baht fine to Salakjit. She was also banned from politics for 10 years. The Appeal Court, however, dismissed the case.

Neither Salakjit nor Ms Rattana showed up to hear the Supreme Court’s ruling.

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