11.62m tonnes of new rice pledged

A total 1.527 million farmers pledged 11.62 million tonnes of unmilled rice with the government during the harvest period ended Feb 28, according to the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC).

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The pledged rice had a combined value of 190 billion baht for the five-month harvest period October-February 28.

Of total amount, 6.78 million tonnes were white rice, 3.68 million tonnes fragrant rice and the rest other types, according to the Internal Trade Department.

The pledging period for most farmers has ended, except those in the South who can pledge their rice until July 31.

BAAC president Luck Wajananawat said the bank has gradually paid the farmers, a total of 71.2 billion baht for 4.39 million tonnes of rice as of Thursday. A total of 581,000 farmers have already received the money.

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