Ten firms caught with pirated software

Ten companies in the manufacturing, construction and service industries have been raided for software licence violations, the Economic Crime Division (ECD) announced on Friday.

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The most significant software copyright violators of 2014 include a machine parts manufacturing company in Chon Buri using unlicensed software on a total of 49 computers, the ECD press statement said.

Police found almost no genuine software on the premises. Instead the company was using unlicensed software by Autodesk, Microsoft, Siemens PLM and Thai Software Enterprise. 

Other companies found with significant software intellectual property infringement in the first two months of 2014 include a manufacturer of metal parts in Chon Buri, a machine distributor in Pathum Thani, an auto parts company in Nakon Pathom, a construction company in Nonthaburi and a construction company in Bangkok.  

The average annual revenue reported by the companies raided for software piracy in 2013 is 230.4 million baht,  while the average value of pirated software was 2.06 million baht, the ECD said.

The Economic Crime Division conducts investigations after receiving complaints and evidence of piracy filed by copyright owners.  

ECD deputy commander and spokesman Chainarong Charoenchainao said ending software piracy is critical at a time when manufacturing companies in exporting countries must show they are part of a transparent supply chain.

In the first 10 months of 2013, the ECD made 247 raids on companies using unlicensed software, up 54% on the same period in 2012 and 182 more cases that the whole of 2012. The number of raids was expected to increase again by up to 30% throughout 2014, the statement said.

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