Indonesian online betting gang nabbed

Immigration Bureau police have arrested five Indonesians suspected of operating online betting based on lotteries in neighbouring countries, according to bureau chief Phanu Kerdlarpphol.

The five men were arrested at a house in Bang Kapi district of Bangkok on Thursday after the police learned that a group of foreigners were offering online betting. Officers seized computers, electronic card readers and internet connection equipment.

The computers had online betting and money transfer programs installed on them.

The men entered Thailand about a month ago and were offering the service to Indonesians living in Thailand, police said. Customers could choose to bet on lotteries in Singapore and Mayanmar with results announced once a day. They could also bet on the lotttery in Vietnam, announced 11 times a day, and in and Laos, nine times a day.

Customers were required to transfer money to the gang’s account at 100,000 rupiah (about 285 baht) per bet. If they won, they would receive around 500,000 rupiah (1,425 baht).

Each man had about 20 customers and gtheir combined betting was 220 million rupiah a day (630,000 baht).

The police will withdraw the men's visas and later deport them.

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