Army seeks more conscripts

The army will take 10,000 more conscripts this year to serve newly established units and help protect the capital.

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All armed forces will recruit 100,865 new soldiers in total this year, about 10,000 more than last year, said Gen Paiboon Khumchaya, the assistant army chief.

The increase reflects the need for soldiers, he said. They will be stationed at two new units: the 3rd Calvary Division in Khon Kaen and the 7th Infantry Division in Chiang Mai, which are the new units.

The conscription season will run from April 1-11.

Almost 348,000 men aged 18 years old up are listed to enter the conscription process this year and 100,865 will be selected by the army, navy, Supreme Command and the permanent secretary office of the Defence Ministry. Most of them will go to the army.

An army source said the First Army Region was also demanding more conscripts this year to help professional soldiers to monitor the political situation in Bangkok.

Bangkok and the central provinces are the First Army Region's responsibility.

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