Major drug ring busted in South

A combined force of the Region 8 Office of the Narcotics Suppression Board (ONCB) and district officials on Saturday night raided a house in Tha Sala district of Nakhon Si Thammarat province and arrested six drug suspects, including the ringleader.

Rungruang Thimabut, assistant chief of Tha Sala district and leader of the district's drug suppression task force, said in a press conference that the officials laid siege to a house situated on a six-rai plot in Village Group 4 in tambon Don Tako on learning that Nikom or Meng Boonsophat, 45, alias "Meng Dontako", a major drug dealer wanted under an arrest warrant, was hiding there.

Nikom or Meng tried to escape by scaling over the concrete fence of his house but was immediately arrested by the officials.

In a subsequent action, the officials arrested five other drug suspects in the gang and seized from them 859 methamphetamine tablets, 1.24 gramme of ice or crystal methamphetamine, one .45 pistol and many other articles.

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