Arrest warrant for 'popcorn gunman'

The Criminal Court has approved an arrest warrant for a suspect known among demonstrators as the "popcorn gunman" over a shooting at Laksi intersection on the eve of the Feb 2 general election.

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Thung Song Hong police station presented the court with evidence to support its application for approval to arrest Vivat Yodprasert, according to information posted on Policespokesmen Facebook. The 24-year-old suspect is a native of Phitsanulok's Nokhon Thai district.

The police sought arrest warrants for four suspects, but the court approved only a warrant for Mr Vivat and instructed police to gather more evidence to support the application for warrants for the other three.

Mr Vivat will be charged with attempted murder, owning and carrying a gun and ammunition in public without permission, and violation of the emergency decree prohibiting the carrying of a gun outside his own residence.

The shooter was nicknamed  the "popcorn gunman"  because the gun he fired was concealed inside a popcorn bag, which also collected the spent bullet shells.

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