Hong Kong lowers travel alert

The Hong Kong government on Wednesday lowered its controversial and disputed ravel alert for Bangkok from the highest level of black to amber, the lowest of three alert levels.

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Hong Kong, in a widely noticed notice to citizens posted in late January, warned against all travel to Bangkok. The warning drew heavy criticism, including from Thai businesses.

The outbound travel alert seen Thursday on the Security Bureau website now informs Hong Kong residents that the Thai Government lifted the state of emergency and replaced it with the Internal Security Act, which will be in force till April 30.

The bureau also posted a chronology of the political development in Thailand back to late last year, when the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) began anti-government protests in Bangkok.

Thailand joins another 15 countries at amber alert by Hong Kong authorities. It means, according to the website, that "there are signs of threat so travellers should monitor situation and exercise caution". Egypt and Syria remain at black alert (no-go) along with the Philippines, the latter over a political dispute. Lebanon gets a red alert as of Thursday.

The bureau monitors 85 countries that are popular travel destinations for Hong Kong residents with the objective to help its citizens understand the risk or threat to personal safety.

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