US anchor blasts Thai 'jerks'

A popular commentator on America's most-watched news network has called Thai officials "jerks" and "cruel" for failing to share information that might have helped in the search for Flight MH370.

In her daily commentary on Fox News, Greta Van Susteren said Thailand gets "the prize for being the lamest country of the day" for its handling of information about the missing Malaysia Airlines flight.

"We never suspected them of being so awful -- more accurately, cruel," she said.

Ms Van Susteren noted that the Thai military detected a plane thought to be Flight MH370 just minutes after its communications went down on March 8. "Yes, for more than 10 days, Thailand didn't bother to tell anyone. Why? Well, because they are jerks.

"And their excuse is pathetic. They say they did not tell because no one asked them. Really? No one asked them? That's their excuse? That's pathetic, and it's cruel," she said.

"Shame on Thailand. Yes, Thailand, that same country the world rallied to help when they got hit by a tsunami in 2004. That Thailand."

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