Democrats offer four-point proposal

The Democrats have asked the Pheu Thai party to accept its four-point proposal if the ruling party really wants to end the political crisis, the Daily News reported.

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First, Pheu Thai has to unconditionally accept the rulings of independent bodies — from the Constitution Court to the National Anti-Corruption Commission — both in the past and the future, said Jurin Laksanavisit, a deputy spokesman of the Democrat Party, at a briefing on Saturday at his party's office.

Second, caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra must lead negotiations to find solutions acceptable to all sides and come up win clear reform plans, he said.

Third, Ms Yingluck must not exploit her position as caretaker prime minister to exacerbate the problems such as by arresting scapegoats, aggravating charges against dissents or ignoring warnings, according to the Daily News report.

Lastly, Pheu Thai must adhere to the constitutional monarchy rule.

Asked whether Pheu Thai would accept the proposal, Mr Jurin said the party eventually would, like it always did, although at first it might appear to be against it.

"It's time she (Ms Yingluck) showed leadership and made good on her words about negotiations," Mr Jurin said.

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