'I'm no judge, don't threaten me'

A man who once shared the same name as Constitution Court judge Suphot Khaimuk says he's faced death threats from strangers, particularly government supporters, since the charter court on Friday voided the Feb 2 election.

"Many hostile phone calls have been made to my home. They cursed me and theatened to hurt me because they thought I was Suphot Khaimuk (one of the nine Constitution Court judges)," said Peerawat Khaimuk, a 70-year-old former civil servant from Petchaburi.

He said he was no relative of Mr Suphot and had never met the judge in person.

He said he changed his first name 12 years ago but the Yellow Pages telephone directory still had his name listed as Suphot Khaimuk.

"A fortune teller once told me to change my name and warned that my old name would bring me very bad luck. I've told the Yellow Pages to make the change but nothing has been done to this day," he said.

"After I tried to explain to the people who called me, many of them understood my situation, but there are others who refused to listen and just continued to swear at me."

He asked people who searched for the judge's phone number in the Yellow Pages not to call the number that starts with the Phetchaburi code 032 because they would certainly reach the wrong person.

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