Poll: Political unrest to continue

A majority of people believe the ongoing political unrest will continue even though the Feb 2 election has been nullified, according to Suan Dusit Poll.

Suan Dusit conducted a poll between Mar 21-23 on 1,187 people throughout the country.

Asked what they thought Thai politics would be like after the Feb 2 poll was nullified and a new election is forthcoming, most or 55.46% of the respondents said they believed the political unrest would continue, reasoning that political conflicts had long been in existence; 37.69% believed politics would become more chaotic and the conflicts would escalate; and 6.85% thought the unrest would subside.

The highest number of respondents, or 40.28%, wanted the government and caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to think more carefully about the next election, 30.37% said the government must strictly comply with the law, and 29.35% said the new election should be transparent and fair.

Asked what they wanted to tell the Pheu Thai Party, 51.43% said it should mainly adhere to the interests of the people, 26.68% said it should be sincere in making campaign promises, and 21.89% said it should allow new faces with knowledge and ability to contest the election.

As for the Democrat Party, 49.71% wanted the party to respect and listen to opinions from all sides, 28.59% wanted the party to select suitable candidates to run in elections, and 21.70% wanted it to play politics in parliament.

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