Democrats to meet on Mar 28-29

The Democrat Party will hold a meeting on Friday and Saturday and is still undecided about whether to contest a new election which has yet to be fixed after the Feb 2 election was nullified, deputy party leader Ong-art Klampaiboon said on Sunday.

According to Mr Ong-art, the meeting on Friday will discuss reforms covering seven aspects.

On Saturday, the morning session will be for the party's annual assembly as required by the Political Party Act.

In the afternoon, the party will hold a meeting of its executive committee and former MPs to discuss the current political situation.

Whether or not the party will discuss the possibility of taking part in the forthcoming election was not on the meeting agenda. It was a matter to be decided at the meeting on that day, Mr Ong-art said.

Mr Ong-art said the party's meeting had nothing to do with the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) plan to hold a major rally on Mar 29.

On the party's policy for its members to comply with the PDRC, Mr Ong-art said they can take part in political activities of the PDRC as individuals. They must be ready to bear the legal consequences on their own if they happen to break the law, he said.

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