Nattawut to expose PDRC 'cabinet'

United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship secretary-general Nattawut Saikuar will on Wednesday disclose a list of the People's Democratic Reform Committee's (PDRC) preferred future cabinet and parliament members.

The red-shirt leader said the PDRC would attempt to install its handpicked government if it is able to fulfill its reform objectives.

"Tomorrow I will reveal the names of PDRC supporters who would become members of the cabinet and parliament," Mr Nattawut said.

On Monday, Mr Nattawut named nine individuals he believes to have been picked by the PDRC as potential candidates for the post of neutral prime minister.

The caretaker deputy commerce minister said the names to be revealed tomorrow would include the political portfolios they would be expected to take.

He said he believed those taking part in activities led by PDRC secretary-general Suthep Thaugsuban had their own political agenda.

He added that he was revealing the list of suspected cabinet and parliament candidates to make sure the public had a fair chance of pre-empting the PDRC's moves, rather than being forced to accept people unilaterally picked up by Mr Suthep.

Mr Nattawut said he revealed the list of suspects for the post of neutral prime minister so the public could be informed about the PDRC's unjust plan to establish a new secret power clique.

He insisted that he had no intention of hurting anybody in revealing the names. The list of names was not based on his assumptions, but on credible intelligence, he added.

If any of those on the list deny being involved in the PDRC's plan, he would take responsibility for naming them in error, Mr Nattawut said.

The UDD secretary-general claimed that intelligence implies the PDRC will try to force a political change in April to end the tenure of the present cabinet.

But he argued that the protest group would fail to create a political vacuum as hoped, since one of the deputy prime ministers could replace caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra if she had to leave office for any reason.

Even without politicians, ministry permanent secretaries could perform the duty of ministers, he said.

Mr Nattawut added that the UDD is firmly against any attempt at a coup. If a new prime minister were installed through such unlawful means, the UDD would fight peacefully against it to avoid confrontation between all sides.

The PDRC and the Democrat Party will no doubt try to derail further attempts to elect MPs, to make the public believe the country's politics had reached an impasse, he added.

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