Tips to avoid phone scams

Thai police have offered five tips to help people reduce the risk of falling victim to call centre scams.

information posted on the Policespokesmen Facebook page says people should be very cautious when receiving phone calls from call centres.

Five points to watch out for:

1) The caller will often tell the receiver that he/she is an official from the Bank of Thailand or some other bank and that the receiver has an overdue credit card debt, or his/her card has been cancelled.

2) The caller will often claim that he/she is a central bank official and that a large sum of money has been transferred from abroad to the receiver's account. The caller will often tell the receiver that an inheritance has been transferred into his/her account and certain financial transactions will have to be made.

3) The caller will say that he/she is a government official and that the receiver has to transfer a sum of money for legal purposes.

4) The caller will tell the receiver that his/her child has been kidnapped and the receiver must immediately transfer an amount of money to the caller's account.

5) "Scam mail" numbers will usually have a  +331 or +337 prefix. Crooked call centres use scam mail to obtain money through deception and/or fraud.

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